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Tri-Core DVD player.

This is the guts of the tri-core DVD player.

CPU : 3.2 GHz PowerPC Tri-Core Xenon.
Memory : 512MB Unified GDDR5 sharable in 8-bit widths.
GPU : 500 MHz ATI Xenos.
Input : 1x 10×100 RJ45, 3 (4 on v3 and earlier) USB 2.0, Infared.
Output : HDMI 1.2 (v4), Xbox 360 Video cable (Component, composite, S-video, RCA audio, 24-bit optical S/PDIF).
Media : DVD-DL 8.5GB.
Storage : None, Memory cards optional; 64MB(19.99), 256MB(29.99), 512MB(49.99), Hard Disk optional; 20GB (59.99), 60GB (99.99), 120GB(149.99).
NAND compatibility : None, but some card readers work.
HD Playback : None, Optional HD-DVD Drive discontinued.

YAD’s notes;
I didn’t really want the Xbro when I got it, but then I found Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts, and it gave me something to do. I gave a friend a computer, and he gives me a 360. Oh well, I’ve had some fun on it. The accessories are ridiculously expensive, and the 120GB drive is the only thing useful. The sixty would only hold what, six games and some saves? Fuck that.

Retail 20GB drive, you can even check the part number.

S’easy enough to take appart.

Takes normal laptop hard drives.

Notice the 160GB there? The Xbro only reads up to 120, but the scorpio has the same block size as the 120GB Fujitsu that they use in the 120.

See? 160GB.

After the required flashing, it’s done.

Cost–93 total. I had to buy the Xbro 20gb drive, cost me 53 cash, and the drive was a steal on newegg. I can’t remember what I paid for it though. But there you go, A fuck-ton better than 155 with tax.