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The Hall of Zeroes.

Yo. Let’s talk about my favorite thing–Intelligence.

This is where I will store all of the morons I find on the random forums I frequent. Today’s Entry is from tehparadox. Interesting place if you like stuff, and like all kinds of stuff too.

Okay, some time ago, hell…I figure back in May, I got a warning there for telling someone that…

Gets truncated to……ame.file

When posted in many forum replies. Even if you use that code button, if you originally posted them in there once, and edited it, they still posess the [url] tags.

I tell the guy…

Dammit. Why do people post links with code wrapped around them? I have to dump the site source, grab those links, cut out about…210 lines of useless data, paste them into my download manager–Which crashes all the time, Now I have to do it again. For the fifth time. What ever happened to plain text…

140 entries. 1 1/2 lines of useless data per entry. 210 lines of useless data when it could be 140 lines of text. I can’t just click those. I don’t have 8 hours to sit here and keep it going and I’m pretty sure no one else does either. Could you please at least attach a text file that has the links in it..? That’d save a bunch of us a lot of time.

Now, I understand that me, being a lowly writer may not know everything in the world…But I goddammed well know that there is a difference from using the [code] bracket code is a fuck load different than [code]+[url]. That shit not only truncates the links, it wraps them in code brackets.
What I was talking about was without the extra code. Plain text. No url bb code, just the fucking text, even if it’s still in the code brackets since that’s part of the rules. All links must be in code brackets. So in me asking for plaintext, the morons assume that I want them to remove the code…So that the links get truncated, so I can’t use them in my download manager anyway. I get a warning, and this bullshit response.

Watch what you say. There is a reason for everything. Coding links is required on this forum. The purpose is to limit other sites tracking where links come from. If you don’t do this, your site becomes that much more prevalent and risks the chance of being shut down. It’s easy to use them in this state anyway. Ctrl+C and FlashGet automatically adds them if you have the extension for Firefox.

That pisses me the fuck off instantly. First off, FlashGet is fucking unstable when it’s writing across a striped array in my practices, and I didn’t use flashget in the first fucking place. It sucks monkey shit through a straw, that’s run through a hobo’s gastric passages, who lives inside of an Elephant’s asshole. I had to use RapGet because that’s all I had. Rapget takes links PASTED INTO A TEXT FILE as a source. I can’t paste truncated links into a text document, and expect a russian program to work the miracles that even I can’t.

Instead of replying instantly to a moderator, and obviously letting my hot headedness get me banned from a place that doesn’t suck THAT bad, I took a few days out to cool down. Four months to be exact. In September I sent a reply to the bot message to one of the bigger rats in this nest.

I meant to do this some months ago, but I was complaining the fact that each link was in the code box, wrapped in code themselves. So it was like the links in the code box, were encoded to do be links, so I couldn’t just select them, and paste them in my manager. Instead, he just went “OH INSTEAD OF THINKING ABOUT WHAT HE SAID AND VIEWING THE PROBLEM IN AN ABSTRACT MANNER AND SEEING HIS POINT I AM JUST GOING TO WARN HIM WITHOUT GETTING A FULL UNDERSTANDING OF THE SITUATION.

Case in point, expressed.

While I didn’t take the most…Mature route in this; I made my fucking point dead concise. It made sense, and they keep an archive…And don’t let them tell you they don’t. I found it at the time. After Malevolent read it, he replied with something that didn’t make me mad, it made me realize the depth of the intellect of the moderators as a whole.

First of all, caps get you nowhere fast. Second, this warning was four months ago. And third, the thread that your post was in no longer exists, so it’s impossible to look at the context now. Regardless of that, I interpreted it as just being against coding links. The warning stays.

Now, read that twice. Yeah, while I was a bit late to contest it because I didn’t want to go off on him like a cheap pistol, He still manages to show me that even though I don’t have a full deck, my fucking hamster is still functional. This guy’s wheel is stuck on stupid.

That’s it for now kids. More entries as I come across more examples of humanity’s de-evolution.

UPDATE:// Tehparadox;

I got banned from there for flaming someone by saying “It works fine.”, and for breaking a rule that has found itself in a parallax. The rule was no profanity, and they went back in time to enforce it, then ban me, and remove the rule.

They banned me for profanity, on a site that aids and caters to felonious activities. What the fuck.