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Symphony of Blood WIP

This is here just for reading. It’s a work in progress, and it’s not going to be too much longer than this. Maybe 40 or so pages, like a side story.

Darkstar Legacy side story : Symphony of blood.

A large carbon scored star carrier slowly drifted into a forest clearing. It was a Geschelshaft Mk IV, clad in fading Imperial colors. The berthing door opens slowly, and the ore elevator slowly descends. In the shadow of the ship, roughly one hundred ferals, chained and muzzled slowly ride down with the ore elevator. Several clamor in their bonds, vying to be free at last. Some stand up and bark insults and scream obscenities to their Holcross captors. Several get knocked down, a few got shot. One lone officer stands at the ramp, as the ore elevator reaches the ground. With a crash, the ramp rolls down, and the guards slowly lead the ferals down the ramp, onto the ground.

The guards begin to unchain the ferals as the officer spoke.“You’re free today. But you’re only free here. Those you left behind shall remain slaves for one hundred years more. Then they shall be free. Most of you won’t live to see that day. Some will.” He motions to the guards and the bonds are all disengaged. “Emperor Victus declared your freedom. Now earn it. We leave you here with nothing, in a place similar to whence you came. We will bring you supplies tomorrow so that you may build, farm and the like. You will be issued one construction team, and a K officer such as my self will oversee the construction.” He pulls a cigarette out of his pocket, and lights it up. After several puffs, the guards walk back up the ore elevator’s ramp, and it returns to the ship. “Those of you worried about the ones shot, a doctor will be down momentarily to treat your wounds. He will be assigned to you until your city is complete. You are now citizens of the Empire. You will receive equal treatment as such, as long as you can keep yourself contained, and act civilized.” One of the ferals stands, a male feral wolf. “Is this all we get for centuries of servitude? A city and ‘freedom’? Our ancestors died working for your evil empire, and this is all we get for their loss?” The officer sighs and draws his Confessor revolver. “I could give you death. The emperor only said to free you, not let you live. Accept what we give you with pride and grace, or I will personally see to you being skinned and turned into my coat, you foul beast.” He spoke with a calm that unnerved many of the angry ferals, even the one who spoke seemed to have a retreat in attitude. “Fine, but don’t expect us to be the nicest ‘citizens’ we can be.” And with that, the wolf sat back down. Shortly after, another stood. A black-furred wolf/worg hybrid. “Can we look around?” He spoke with an exotic accent. The officer holstered his revolver and nodded. “You’re free to do as you will, as long as you do it peaceably, and honor the laws of the Empire. This is your continent. Mostly your planet. Do as you wish.” As he finished his sentence, the ore elevator made it’s decent, on it was a few doctors with medical supplies. “Take the wounded to see the doctors, and collect your supplies. There’s plenty for everyone, but they’re all military rations. Good for you, but some aren’t’ the best tasting.” The guards help move the wounded to the doctors, and the healthy ferals begin unloading supplies under supervision.

The wolf/worg hybrid slowly walked up to the officer. “I’m sorry for how some of my brethren treated you and your guards. They’re just tired of being slaves.” The officer nodded. “I know how it feels. Holcross were slaves to the original inhabitants of Eden Solo for a thousand years. You guys got off lucky. Didn’t have to kill nearly a trillion people to get your freedom. It was given to you.” The feral nodded. “My name’s Teasel. How about yourself?” The worg asked. “My name is Juno Gurisen. First Capitan of the Imperial Merchants. Sorry about that show.” Teasel offered a paw to Juno, and Juno shook it. “Quite eloquent you are, for a feral. Where do you hail?” Teasel signed a bit, and looked around. “Here. This is Earth isn’t it? My family came from a country called Spain.” Juno nodded, and then offered Teasel a cigarette. He took it, and Juno lit it for him “Yeah, it’s Terra. I was here during the war, along side Fyonte. We were in the same unit. The one that attacked the US. Those were the days.” Teasel looked to his people. “We’re gonna have it rough aren’t we? I mean, there are still human survivors right?” Juno shook his head. “Nothing sentient lives on this planet until now. We killed everything that could think. I take it that you’re their leader?” Juno said motioning to the throng of ferals. Teasel shook his head. “No, I don’t think they’ll want a leader this soon. Honest, I don’t want to be there for the ‘debate’. It was hard enough being a slave, I’m just gonna take it easy for awhile.” Juno nodded, and gave Teasel the rest of his cigarettes and his lighter. “There aren’t any in the supplies. I’ve got to go back up and arrange the team and the construction supplies. Anything special you’re gonna need?” Teasel nodded. “Weapons. Whatever you’ve got to spare.” Juno took a breath through his teeth and winced a little bit. “We’re not allowed to arm you. You’re going to have to arm yourselves. Now don’t get mad just yet. We’re gonna provide your people with a one hundred thousand credit budget every year for about fifty years so that you can get established and going, and we’ll be providing a starport soon enough.” Teasel nodded. “I guess that’s fine.” Juno waved and walked up the ramp for the ore elevator, and rode it up with the guards.

A few of the other ferals walked over to Teasel slowly and began bombarding him with questions, such as when were they going to get more food, what supplies they had coming and the like. “Shut up! Jeez. Okay, We’ll be getting a construction crew and supplies tomorrow he said, and we’ll also be getting a huge budget of one hundred thousand credits for awhile. We all know that’s a lot of money, even for K. So we’re gonna be just fine. Ration out the food so that everyone gets something, we’ll all just enjoy the stars tonight, and hopefully tomorrow evening, we’ll have some form of housing. It’s gonna be okay.” The few had turned into a crowd during his speech. As he finished talking, there was a pause, and then a thunder of more questions. Teasel answered them the best he could, and slowly the crowd dispersed to bed down for the evening. With a sigh, he decided to gather a few people and go look for water. Aboard the ship, Juno spent most of the afternoon organizing supplies and people to help establish the first imperial feral colony. After organizing monthly supply drops, a starport, local devastator patrols, it was already 0200. Juno rubbed his face, and looked over the mountain of digipaper. “I need a smoke…” he said quietly to himself, and he made his way to the ore elevator.

Night had already fallen by the time Teasel had found water. He made a mental note of it, and returned to the landing zone. At least under a Geschelshaft, they could get some protection from the elements. As his party returned, he saw the ore elevator going back up, and Juno walking away from the flat grass that the elevator left behind. Juno opened a new pack of cigarettes, and pulled one out with his lips. Teasel jogged up to Juno just as he lit up. “Everything set up?” Teasel asked quietly. Juno nodded as he took a long drag. “Yeah, there’s gonna be a shot for supplies tomorrow at around thirteen hundred, so we need to go ahead and find a place for the supplies to come down. Even got a Devastator patrol scheduled every week or so, to scare the pirates away, and if you’re lucky… I may have even gotten the starport on express.” Juno took another drag from his cigarette, and looked up at the stars. “I wonder if Fyonte’s gonna be in that patrol.” Teasel looked up at the stars, and then back down at Juno. “So, can you tell me the specifics of what will be built?” Juno shook his head. “No specific orders have been cut. More than likely, you’re going to have to tell them what to build. Don’t worry, I’m stationed here for another month or so. I can help with the red tape.” Just as Juno finished his sentence, a lance of devastators flew just inside the atmosphere. “Just like clockwork.” But as they passed by, one banked deeper into the atmosphere, and flew a circle around the landing site. Juno’s radio cracked to life, and it caught him off guard. “Unknown Geschelshaft, identify.” Juno grinned. “We’re sodding pirates you git!” He barked into the radio, trying to impersonate the local space pirates. “Hah! I bet you are. Lemme come down there and show you what pain is, you foul scum!” Juno laughed as the devastator landed at the far side of the clearing, behind the Geschelshaft. Juno jogged over to it after the engine cut and the canopy started to open. A seven foot, four inch man with long gray hair hopped out of the cockpit and landed on the grass. “Juno you son of a slaver, what are you doing here?!” The gray haired man yelled at Juno. “I’m freeing slaves. Like no one did for us, but nevermind that. What the hell are you doing here Fyonte? I thought you were assigned Imperial guard?” Juno thrust his hand out to greet his old friend. Fyonte took it and shook his hand. “Nah, They got tired of how bad I made the rest of the pilots look and they sent me out on patrol. I saw that there was a request for a patrol here, and I figured why the fuck not?” Juno motioned to Teasel, and he quickly walked over to the two. “Fyonte, this is one of the ferals that the empire is freeing here. Teasel, this is Fyonte Silgura. The leader of the Terran offensive, Twenty time Ace during the Twilight Seige, Master Gesch-buster during the Pirate wars, and now, a worthless, good for nothing devastator pilot running patrols for the empire.” Fyonte looked over Teasel and the smile left his face. “So we’re freeing animals now?” Juno looked at Fyonte with the same expression. “Yeah, we want them to grow in number so we can EAT them.” Their expressions slowly cracked and they both started laughing. “Sorry Teasel, it’s just a joke.” Teasel nodded. “I understand.” He said quietly. Fyonte put a hand on Teasel’s shoulder and shook him gently. “Lighten up man! Life is too serious as it is. You gotta enjoy yourself. So what’d you do as a slave?” Teasel folded his arms and looked down. Fyonte grinned and pat his shoulder. “Couldn’t be any worse than me! I was a servant for a woman who loved’em big, if you catch my drift!” Teasel chuckled a little. “Yeah, I guess not. I was…” He trailed off into a whisper. Juno looked at Teasel, then to Fyonte, who nodded at Teasel. “There’s nothing wrong with being a plaything. Even if the guy was half your size.” Juno burst into laughter. “You were a…For a guy?” Juno said between laughing fits. Teasel began to growl slightly and Fyonte and Juno stopped laughing. “We’re sorry man. I know it was rough. Being demeaned like that isn’t good for one’s morale, but here’s your chance to make something of your life.” Fyonte nods while speaking. “Hell, look at me. Eleven hundred sixty one years ago, I was a slave to a woman who’s sex drive never quit, and I was paraded and rented out to other women of ill-repute. Sure it wasn’t very dignified, but boy was it fun!” Fyonte nudged Juno and he laughed. “But then again. If guys aren’t your thing—They’re not my favorite, but that’s alright.” Fyonte nudged Juno’s shoulder. “Juno, I need to refuel my devastator.” Juno nodded. “Go ahead up to the ship. I’ll be up there in a bit.” Fyonte turned and walked to the Geschelshaft as the ore elevator began it’s decent. He waived over his shoulder to Juno and Teasel.

“Weird cyborg he is.” Teasel whispered. Juno turned around quickly, and thrust a finger right up to Teasel’s muzzle. “Don’t ever let him hear you say that.” Juno paused for a second, then lowered his finger. “Look, just like you don’t like being called a dog, he doesn’t like being called a cyborg. The last guy that called Fyonte a cyborg.” Juno pointed to Teasel’s feet. “Got shredded from his toes to his neck. Thin little strips.” Teasel rubbed his neck slowly. “The way he sees it, everything that’s not him, is food. Even other holcross—Even though we’re not edible. He keeps civility in mind, but he’d much rather fight than talk.” Juno shook his head. “Teasel, the stories I could tell you. Why aren’t you asleep?” Teasel looked to the pack then back to Juno. “Water needed to be found, as well as a good hunting ground.” Juno nodded and started to turn to the ship. “I’m gonna sack out. See you later.”

The sun greeted Fyonte and his devastator on the deck of the Geschelshaft. Fyonte stood at the edge of the rear deck, smoking and drinking. “Fuck…Ferals on Earth—My fucking planet. Why the hell did the Emperor give them my planet…” He scowled as he flicked his cigar off of the ship. He rest his elbows on the guard rail, and looked out into the wilderness. Where once great monuments of human achievement once stood, greenery now flourishes. He slowly stands upright and turns to face the deck door. It slides open and Juno steps out. “Tein Go’Lah Juno?” He nods and Fyonte sighs. “So it’s official? They’re getting my planet.” Juno walked over to his old friend. “It’s not so bad when you think about it. They’re off of Eden Solo and Eden Duo. That means you don’t have to see them anymore.” Fyonte punches the rail, knocking a four inch dent in it, then turns back around, looking at the forest. “I don’t give a fuck if they’re on Eden, Outer Heaven or Blue Side. I do not like them. They’re beasts. Food, nothing more.” Juno tries to speak, but he is cut off. “Don’t defend them. They’re going to end up just like the Humans did. On my sword.” Fyonte turned around and Juno sighed after a pause. “Stop being emo.” He smacked Fyonte on the back. “Well, I’d rather not see that, but off the record.” He looked back to the deck door. “No one’s going to ask questions if a few get killed.” Fyonte shook his head. “I never said I wanted to kill them.” He lowered his head, looking down at the induction nozzles on the Geschelshaft, then out to the forest. “I didn’t want this planet populated by anything other than what wanted to grow here. I’m sick of having petty fights between biologicals, and us acting as the ‘higher’ authority.” Fyonte scratches his cheek with a finger, and then points to Juno. “You seem to enjoy this false superiority we have. We’re no different from them when you strip away all of our technology. We need food.” Fyonte shrugs. “All be it less than anyone else. We need water, minerals, land. We are not superior. If anything, we are inferior. We control with fear and hate.” Juno sighed and started back to the deck door. “I came up here to cheer you up, seemed like you needed it.” He waved over his shoulder. “I’ve got work to do. Catch you at mess.” Fyonte sighed. “Fine, ignore the problem” he whispered to himself. “Yeah, see you at mess”.

Fyonte gazed out into the forest, then back to the deck door. In one quick motion, he leaps over the rail, and down off the deck. He lands hard on the ground, his heavy feet thumping hard against the ground. Several ferals snap up, looking to see what the noise was. Fyonte stood up slowly and stretched. He turned to the stirring ferals, and started towards them. Instincitvly he reaches for his Ordinator, which he stops himself as his hand hits the grip of the large semi-automatic pistol. He then diverts his hand to his pocket, and pulls out his lighter and begins to open and close the lid. “Let’s see how far we’ve come” Fyonte whispers to himself as he approaches the pack. Several of the larger breeds stand up, and move to intercept Fyonte. The largest, dwarfing Fyonte by almost a foot. “What do you want, Holcross?” The biggest spoke, a Hyboran tiger mix. “Well, I came over here to check on you, see how everything’s going. But if you think I’m a threat…” Fyonte threw his lighter into his pocket. “I can show you why I am the best.” The Hyboran tiger shook his head. “No, if you were a threat, you would be dead.” Fyonte paused for a moment and grinned. He held his left hand out, and a black flame sparked up his arm, burning away part of his flight suit. As the suit burned away, his hand was clad in a black and gold gauntlet shaped in what could only be described as a demon’s claw. “Really? You kill me? Hah! You couldn’t kill me if you were eight billion strong! The humans had weapons of mass destruction! They didn’t stand a chance!” His voice grew from casual to booming, carrying his normal commanding tone, and as his voice changed, the fire grew ever more intense. Two of the other large ferals, one an Ursine, and another an Equus, began to step back. The Tiger didn’t back down. He stood his ground, knowing his fate was already decided. Fyonte closed his fist, and the fire went out, but the gauntlet remained. “What I thought. None of you have teeth to fight me. You, scared so that you can’t even move. If I came over here to kill you, I wouldn’tve came over here.” Fyonte motioned to the pack, those that were awake were cowering behind males, and the males trying to hide their fear.

“Now that I’ve got your attention, maybe you can answer some questions for me.” He points to one of the smaller males. “You! Why are you here?” The terrified feral slowly standing up. “We’re here because the good Emperor released us. We are freed slaves.” Fyonte put his hands at his hips and nodded. “But why were you slaves in the first place?” The feral shrugged. Another stood up and answered with “Because we are weak.” Fyonte nodded with a smile. “That’s right! You’re weak.” He looked over the pack, the large Hyboran tiger still standing. “Oh sit down fluffykins. You’re blocking my view.” As he sat down, some of the ferals near him sniggered and chortled. “You were slaves because you are weak. Why are you weak?” There was a bit of silence, and a bold feral wildcat muttered “Why do you care…S’not li–” Fyonte pointed to her. “You, Stand up.” He commanded. Her mother shielded her as she tried to stand up. “No! Don’t hurt her! She doesn’t know what she’s doing!” She pushed her mother off of her and stood up proud. “Yeah? What do you want, monster?” Fyonte laughed a little. “You as a race are weak, but even weaklings can find strength. She, is strong. She defies those that she doesn’t like, without recourse.” He becons to her, and she slowly walks over the cowering ferals. She stops three feet from Fyonte, and folded her arms. He quickly drew his Ordinator, and pressed the pistol against her forehead. “The weak kill the strong to appear stronger.” He stared deep into her eyes and put a little pressure on the trigger.

Juno saw Fyonte from one of the shield windows, and ran to the ore elevator. Fyonte still pressing the gun to her head, pulls the trigger just a bit tighter, almost reaching the weight to fire. Juno runs up to Fyonte, just as he lets go of the trigger, and flips the handgun over, and hands it to her. “The Ordinator is a 11.4x30mm select fire anti-personnel magnum. Twelve in the magazine, three in the loader. Tops out to 15.” Juno screams “Are you mad? We aren’t allowed to arm them!” Fyonte nods and turns to face Juno. “I’m not arming them. I’m giving my handgun to a girl, who was man enough to stand up to me.” He turned back to her. “You can call it an act of faith.” He gives her a stern look, as she pulls the slide half-way back and checks if the loader has rounds. She points it directly at Fyonte’s head for a second, then locks the saftey. “I know about this gun. The Ordinator killed my father.” Fyonte pointed to Juno. “Talk to him for a belt and holster. I’ll give you what I carry in magazines.” Juno put his hand on Fyonte’s shoulder and turned him around quickly. They spoke in Holcross for a moment, and Juno said “Just like Tesla did for you?” Fyonte nodded. “Only thing is, I may be to late the spark the war.” The Feral girl looked to Juno. “What war?” Juno gave her a harsh stare. “Shut up, animal.” Fyonte’s expression became rather unplesant, and Juno let go of him. “Fine, I didn’t see this. But if she starts killing people…” Fyonte shrugged. “If she starts killing, it’s her choice. They’re Citizens of the Empire now…Aren’t they?” Juno spoke again in Holcross, wondering what Fyonte had cooking. Fyonte grinned and shook his head. Juno took a moment, then returned to the ship.

Fyonte turned around and extended his hand to the girl. “I’m Fyonte Silgura.” She took his hand and shook it. “Sister Mary’s my name. I got four brothers, so they just called me Sister Mary.” Fyonte nodded and looked the handgun over. “It’s a bit big. Don’t know if I’ll be able to fire it.” Fyonte took the pistol from her, and took off the outer grip, and then handed it to her. “Oh that’s much better, I can get both hands around it now.” Fyonte tossed the outer grip behind him. “The Ordinator was made by Holcross for Humanoids. Usually we pack Confessors. A gun too big for most humanoids. I pack the Ordinator because I don’t have to shoot tanks or vehicles. I don’t need the 17mm Harlequin.” Mary handled the gun, getting used to it. “No laser?” Fyonte shook his head. “Not one you can see. It’s a UV laser for the HUI.” She nodded and looked down the sights, aiming the gun at a tree. “Go ahead. It’s yours. Put a few rounds through it.” She thumbed the saftey down to single, and pulled the trigger. The gun thundered out a round, and it punched a softball sized hole through the tree, which was no sapling. The recoil wasn’t too bad, but it took her off target. “Hmm, we’ll have to get it compensated.” Mary shook her head. “S’got a bit of kick to it.” Fyonte nodded. “Yeah, and a twelve pound trigger pull, which I think is a bit much for you. I’ll get it set to five pounds, and get a compensator on it.” Mary handed him the pistol, and he put it on safe. “Why are you doing this?” Fyonte looked her square in the face as he holstered the pistol. “Someone did this for me a long time ago. She gave me a gun, now I give one to you. Only difference is, you’re not a slave any more.”