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Sombra Beta 1 Updates.

I took the original down for a more organized page…Of plaintext.

So far, we’ve got very little done, but this is like the fifth day of development and I know nothing of C++.

We’re still deciding on the weapons. So far we know for sure

Real Guns-
AK74U – Fyonte Custom 6.8 Remington
Saiga 12K Tactical
Thompson 1923A Sub machinegun.
Mosin Nagant 91-30
M-14 – Fyonte Custom “Teenage Queen” 7.62×51 highway magnum
CheyTac Intervention
Fa-Mas G2 – Fyonte Custom 1800 RPM, Beta drum magazine

Springfield 1911 – Fyonte Custom 357 Highway Magnum
Thompson Center G2 Contender – Fyonte Custom 45-70 HX
Colt Pyton – Fyonte Custom 357 Frangible
Mauser C-96 – Fyonte Custom .32 highway magnum
Taurus Raging Bull .454

Serbu Super Compact – Fyonte Custom magazine fed, semi-automatic
Striker Protecta
AA-12 – Fyonte Custom Helo fed

Fake Guns-
Shock Rifle (Think UT 1)
Reverse Flamethrower (Compressed liquid nitrogent sprayer)
Klan FPR-500 Fission Powered rifle
Belspar Family Rifle

Melee and Other Weapons-
Recurve Bow
Marty Chang’s Golf Stick
Lead Pipe
WASP Injection Knife
Mace personal defense spray
FIB-92A Stinger missile

That’s the weapon list up to now…No idea if source can handle that…


Right on. Magazine reload coded, ammunitions laid out, and all that weapon-bullet-jazz is sorted. Now I just have to code the individual weapons.