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Ongoing list of shit I hate.

This really is an ongoing list; because I’ll be adding to it every goddammed day by my figuring.

1: Commercials. Media sucks hard enough without some dusty twonk telling me that I need to wear THIS specific brand of antipersperant to be cool. If I want to be cool, I’ll stand infront of an A/C. Go suck a cock.

2: Republicans. They’re retarded. Just like…

3: Democrats. Isn’t it smashing? Another political party that doesn’t know shit about politics! Amazing.

4: Stupid mechanics. “Oh, so my transmission is blown? What the fuck does that have to do with a fucked up stereo, you double nigger?” –True quote.

5: People who think “Open Source” means insecure.

6: Emo’s, even though I’ve been compared to emo’s. I hate those faggots too.

7: People who act like niggers.

8: “Modern” power supplies that are rated for 5v, instead of 12v.

9: People who don’t study a topic in their argument.

10: Morons who think Rocket Propelled Grenades are tactical. They’re just for spamming. Nothing wrong with that.

11: Video games that don’t realistically represent weapons, even if they can’t license the names, or leave out very important functions of them, such as the baby artillery function for the M203.

12: People who half-ass shit, then wonder why it breaks/doesn’t work. Gee, maybe it’s because you didn’t finish it you lazy son of a bitch.

13: Beer drinkers. I drink whiskey and piss beer.

14: Metric bits that are claimed to be compatible with socket wrenches, and then break off inside the adapter.

15: People who try to hard to be cool. Even if they don’t stand a chance.

16: Hard disk based MP3 players. Why put something that’s damaged by less than 5G’s in your pocket?

17: People who use the same old gags. “Cool Story Bro” got old a month ago. New year, new content.

18: Art displays made of strange shit without descriptions. The Dickfarm is one shinin’ fucking example.

19: Trendy fucks that shop at Urban Outfitters/Hot Topic. I buy most of my shit at the Navy Surplus Store because it fits my fat ass, and always gives me a place to stick a gun. Try hiding a gun in a paper-thin pair of pants, you fucking morons. No wonder women get raped.

20: People who buy cheap guns and wonder why they don’t work.

21: “Connoisseurs” of fine spirits that don’t know what Canadian Club or Beam’s Eight Star is. Fuck you.

22: Wine Drinkers. Grow some nuts and have some single malt, you wilted pussies.

23: Rap Music that portrays illegal activities in a good light. That’s like, 99.3% of all rap. So I hate rap.

24: Jazzy remixes of Jazz songs. ‘The fuck’s wrong with these people..?

25: Arabic Lounge Music. Not to be confused with real Arabic music, which is something I really don’t mind.

26: People who fry tomatoes. You wouldn’t fry an apple, would you stupid? If you would, kindly kill yourself.

27: “Universal” bathroom stalls that have urinals. Urinals are only 50% universal. Can’t shit in them, get them out of the unisex lav’s you faggots.

28: The French. They badmouth the US–Fuck, the rest of the world. They act all snooty and better than us. I got one question for them, You speak German? No? You’re welcome.

29: Shitstains that think “Your” and “You’re” mean the same thing. Go back to primary school before I throw you in a fuckin’ industrial rubber shredder.

30: Immature shits that think prank calls are always funny. News flash–Prank calls are only funny if the pranker and the prankee are both funny, or by a lesser extent, the prankee has anger issues.

31: Anonymous. If you want to change the world, you can’t be a nameless, faceless organization of nameless, faceless people with no leadership.

32: Tattletales, this includes people who “doxdrop” others, posting their names and other credentials on websites such as 94chan. Enjoy your fresh can of spam, you cockgobblers.

33: People who pretend to be fans of whatnot to get into a group or be popular.

34: People who take shit too seriously. I know my fanatics thing kinda covers this, but you can’t have a guy who takes his life too seriously in with a fanatic. You call him a life fanatic, he’s anti-abortion, anti-war, anti-death. Fucknuts that take shit too seriously are just anti-fun.

35: Video games which look better in the demo video than they actually do while playing. This new HD-era gave us a 2 terraflop console. Let’s use the fuckin’ thing right, yeah?

36: CDMA cellphone service. There’s two companies that use it. Switch to GSM already, Alltel and Nextel. Fuck, if Verizon can do it, you can too.

37: Video input methods. Fuckin’ VGA still meets our needs. Why the FUCK do we need DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI and the rest of the shit?

38: Cowards that won’t face their mistakes, and who lie to everyone to get what they want and then scream and lie more when they get fuckin’ busted.

39: Dishonorable action. There’s no reason to be a shit to the world, when you fucking LIVE THERE.

40: Scientologists. Why would you let some book a fat retard wrote tell you what you should and shouldn’t do…For godsakes man, he said he went up into space on a Douglas DC-8 with no engines. Something’s wrong in that guy’s melon. Good thing he’s dead.

41: Dell. Who in the fuck puts ECC memory in a board that doesn’t have a fuckin’ parity controller?

42: G.Skill memory. The rest of the world’s DDR2 can handle 2.05 volts. Why can’t you?

43: Macfags. The reason you didn’t get viruses before 2007 is because no one in the fucking world had a C+ compiler that worked on a PPC. And the reason you have viruses now, is because you’re using the same hardware I am, dumbass.

44: Stupid parents. “My son killed himself because of a video game!” No, your son killed himself because you didn’t sit him down and fucking talk to him about the shit outside the video game, like life, school, girls, drugs, and gangs, you shit-scarfing retarded republican “equal” rights bitch. Wanna know why you don’t get paid the same wage as a man? You don’t do the same work, whore. And for the fathers, put the beer down, dumbass. Try talking instead of screaming, it works wonders.

45: Radioshack. 20 bucks for 9 volts at 300mA. Excuse me, what? This mixer doesn’t come with a power adapter? That’ve been nice to know when I bought it, you dungaree wearing, post-hippie drug inspired love-in reject.

46: Big Business. Nothing says bullshit like listening to the PR rep for a large company tell you what they plan to do with bailout money, then when someone leaks some info, or a document gets read; You’ve not only got to shit out a very VIABLE excuse, you also need some fucking proof. Too bad all that money you’re about to use to bribe the government is coming right out of their pocket…

47: Anti-Gun Lobbyists. Lemme get this straight. If you take ALL the guns away, the criminals won’t have them. Uh, no? The criminals are STILL going to have guns, because they have no regard for the law, you late blooming onion brained dead-end kid. They’ll have all the guns, and I won’t have shit to defend myself with. Oh and don’t say “Call the police”, because I get pizzas faster than they respond. I will not take death because you think guns kill people. No, Guns don’t kill people, because if they did, then keyboards misspell words, and spoons made Rosie O’Donnell fat. They don’t, so pull your head out of your ass. You’ll find that oxygen is much better for you than methane.

48: Investment bankers. Yes, in this credit crisis, you can’t make any money. Stop blaming companies and blame the right people. The government. When they took the Federal Interest rate down to 1%, they fucked you, and started this whole thing.

49: Religion. The second largest bullshit producer in the universe. Nothing says “Fuck You” like a list of shit that says the same fucking thing. Be a cool guy, not a dick. So take that rice paper book and use it for something worthwhile–Toilet Paper. Except Scientology; it’s a cult. Tom Cruise can jump in an industrial rubber shredder, and take all of those cultist fucks with him.

50: Twats that post their religious views in public places. We don’t get a whole lot of Religious ads here in Texas, but we respect them when they do it privately. You do it in public however, Prepare for the ass-rape of a life time. While people are more tolerant than I, I’m not afraid of an arson charge to censor religious brainwashing.

51: Weeaboo’s. Jesus christ this is pathetic. A class of person who spends too much time watching “anime”, and jerks off in the closet to “hentai” from their favorite show. The fuck is wrong with these people?

52: Overly-paranoid people. Oh god, you were there when I told a cop that he wasn’t a cop and asked him to play poker–And now you think you’re going to be arrested! Calm the fuck down.

53: Shit that doesn’t take NTFS drives. Seriously Sony…NTFS is awesome, you’re going to be needing it soon. And if you don’t want to pay to use NTFS–Use EXT3. It’s GNU, free to use.

54: Waterheads that use the same password for everything. That’s what you get Derrek, you mother fuckin’ mother fucker. Sick bastard.

55: Tyler Okrainec. You’re a loser. Kill yourself.

56: People that confuse “Fact” with “Religious Fact”. For the uninformed, they’re VASTLY different. One is accepted in most, if not all circles of science or whatnot as being true, and the other is only accepted in the criminal organization that said it.

Another day, another addition.