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Nintendo’s Xbox.

This is the hardware inside the Xbox made by Nintendo.

CPU : 725~900mhz variable clock “Broadway” PPC,
Memory : 91MB (23MB 1T-Sram, 64MB Accessory 1T-Sram, 3MB Framebuffer)
GPU : 243 ATi 243mhz “Hollywood”.
Input : 2x USB 2.0, Bluetooth 2.0?, 802.11b/g, No RJ-45, optional.
Output : Composite, RCA audio, HDMI via cable.
Media : DVD 4.7GB, DVD-DL 8.5, MiniDVD 1.4GB.
Storage : 512MB Internal NAND, Gamecube Memory card.
NAND compatibility : SD, SDHC.
HD Playback : None, Doesn’t even have SD playback.

YAD’s Notes;
The Wii, a “revolution” in gaming. Yes, We see it, and we walk right out the revolving door. While definitely not a processing powerhouse, the games on it turn non-games, into Casuals. Casuals are the bane of gaming. While I had one, and ditched it when I heard that the PS3 could fold, I didn’t get any pictures of it, and I can’t tell you how to do cool stuff with it…Simply because it’s a Wii, and you can’t do cool stuff with it. The only good thing I can say about it, is it makes a great wake up light at 3:30 in the morning when it decides to get new firmware, or a message, or anything. So instead of showing you a picture diagram of what you can do to make a Wii awesome, I can show you what you can use ON your Wii to make yourself feel better about owning it.

You can shoot it with a shotgun. That one’s mine, ain’t she pretty?