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Fuck Poland.

This page dedicated to the shit I drew while trying to defeat an anxiety attack. Shit’s pretty good if you ask me–for MSN paint anyway.

Me not feeling too good. I got buttfucked this morning with a massive insta-migrane.

So I decided to pick on Polandball. Poland is what we call Matt, an acquaintance of ours who shafts out every time they all want to do something.

Ratta-tat-tat. Some .45 action.

When I’m busy killing Poland, you should go away!

Some C4 knockin’ on your door!

An entire belt of M-67’s!

A little sci-fi tentacle arm! Fuck the misspelled file name, I’m drunk.

I won the game and highscore with my dickthumb!

I don’t feel much better, but this shit is funny.