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Tag Archives: Technological bullshit

Intel i7? BSOD’s? Check this shit.

Leave it to Intel to leave a fucking memory leak in the goddammed chipset. So, over the past six months, I’ve been debugging one of the most popular issues with the Intel i7 series x58 chipset. Constantly 0x1A, MEMORY_MANAGEMENT and 0x50, PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. Turns out that the USB3 support and the X58 chipset suck fuck, but […]

Now they’re Friends…Jail Friends.

So, what’s up 05:39? So I added a link to the radio station I always listen to. I’ve even got the Iphone app. Anyway, enough about that. So, my insomnia’s back. I’m kinda pissed, but I get more time to exercise…My brain. I’m workin with some Netherlands guy on some webgame thing. Well, not officially, […]

Just because you saved 300 dollars buying a 230 dollar PC, doesn’t mean it was worth even half of what you paid.

Proof’s in the puddin’. My dad bought a Wintergreen PC last year TODAY and today, it shits the bed. I figure it’s gotta be the hard drive, since the whole system sputtered every two seconds. It’d stall, resume then lag for a second, then stall, resume and then lag. I got it parted out, and […]

Grape seed oil and other personal lubricants.

So, I’m sittin’ here on my new 1080P monitor, which is pretty cool. Problem is; My PS3 loves it a lot. How’s that a problem? I got no sound. See, even though the monitor has speakers, they’re made of dick-shitting nipples and ball sweat. I have to sit here and play MGO with no sound […]

So the phenom’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

My damaged and overcooked 4600 outperforms Morgan’s 9600 phenom in loading games. I originally thought it was my disk setup, but with all three extra removed, I still out load him. S’not my video card, the 9800GT isn’t exactly a smasher of a card, and his 3870’s overclocked. It’s gotta be my chip. I guess […]

So yeah. No posts this month…UNTIL NOW!

I’ve been rather lazy, often just because I forget about this place. Recent updates hmm… Morgan’s got me playing City of Heroes/Villans. Game’s…4/10. And to be honest, It’s not the content’s fault, nor is it the actual type of game it is; It’s the hardware I’m using. This 4600+’s been too hot too many times, […]