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Faking it until you make it? Too bad for POLAND!

Poland, you whine about hipsters, you attempt to be moderate in your shit, but guess what. YOU FUCKING FAIL. Imagine that you actually fail at being moderate. Well, that’s just like you fail at being a pseudo-hipster. You’re easy as fuck to detect. 800 dollar phone in one hand, Tim Horton’s coffee in the other, […]

For Fuck’s sake poland.

Dude, if you hate everything so bad, why bitch about it? Get used to life sucking a big one, then getting on with it. Whining like a little girl with your 700 dollar Sony Xperia doesn’t do you shit lot of good, does it? No. Quit fucking bitching about snow, avatar and 2010. Each time […]

Adding “Allow only” to your domain only stops first level requests, Poland.

So yeah. If you go to Show me your rage (Over in the side there some-fuckin’-where), it says “You have been blocked from accessing Blame H1N1.” So, a friend of mine pointed out that it only blocked the first level access. You can still get to it by adding /2009/10 at the end, which […]