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Tag Archives: Retarded Writing

Watch out internet security! Macfag and overused blog name is on his way!

After picking my ear for about thirty minutes, I remember that I made fun of some new-age blogger guy-thing, which you can find the information for that here. Overused Blog Name that goes a little something like this. Now I have witnessed and heard alot of disciplinary tactics and techniques in my years sitting in […]

The TAXMAN Cometh!

Finnaly! I got Tyson to finish this piece. Joint Effort, First and third are mine, second and fourth are his. The TAXMAN Cometh! Raging with steroid injection site wounds and festering shoes, he kicks down the already open door! TAXMAN screams “It’s a good day to be Vegita face and extreme skateboarding down a bowl […]

Tuboso the Melted Cat

The wind blew furiously, on Tom Cruises 2 inch wristwatch bungee cables. In the close yet distant village of Fartnark, resided a freckled frank fucking feline, Tuboso, the melted cat. Tuboso sat under his roof all day, purchasing Tuberculosis sandwiches off of Craigs List for the upcoming Presidential Election in Uruguay. Unfortunatly, when Craigs List […]

I meant to post this like a week ago… Wrathgar the Flank Steak!

FOLLOW ALONG WITH THE TALE OF WRATHGAR THE FLANK STEAK! Crackokatao! Lighting strikes in the distance as a mighty calf is born. Strong of body he walks in minutes of leaving his mother’s gaping cow vagoo. This calf, named Moo by his intelligent and loving mother. He was destined for great things! In his first […]