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Tag Archives: Picking on Retards

Doom-singers and Soothsayers.

It’s like they don’t even try… So, in roughly five hours, the world is going to start ending…If you put any faith in that jaggoff Harold Camping, who’s been wrong before. Hey, give the guy a second chance…At failing. I mean fuck, his middle name is EGBERT. A name like that doesn’t succeed at anything […]

Texas Heat-1; Me-0.

Fuck man, you know you got it bad when the heat kicks your ass when your indoors, under the graceful watch of an HVB fan. I did my damnedest to stay at my normal one hundred percent, but I couldn’t do it. I almost lost it around 16:00. I couldn’t ditch the nausea for nothing. […]

And this is why the UN needs to give Iraq back their missiles.

So dickhead Iraqis don’t go trying to scrape steam accounts from people who spend ALL day shooting Ragheads in ARMA2. Shitty English, Poorly coded Viruses and picking on The King. It’s like they’re asking for me to wreck them. So, he’s reported, and inspired this:

Religious hate? You bet.

So it’s that time again. Time for me to slander religious nuts. However this time, it’s more of a philosophical approach to the disproof of God, by using the texts people choose. Look at the old testament. The book of the Jews. The old testament is a book of fear, threats and crimes. Demanding the […]

You’re tired of playing games?

So today, Morgan sent me a text message at 21:21 “I’m done playing the games and shit I’m deleding your numbers please don’t call me any more” I guess that’s because I had to go get my medicine from HEB, and come home to find that I’ve been locked out of the house. Yeah man, […]

Dear “Ubergamer”;

Ever come across some guy who acts tough in games, acts haute and rex, trying to prove his skill in a particular video game? Like those douchebags that play Halo and shit all day? Oh I love making fun of them. The people of this coddled age of cellphones and second-chances are way too disrespectful. […]

Faking it until you make it? Too bad for POLAND!

Poland, you whine about hipsters, you attempt to be moderate in your shit, but guess what. YOU FUCKING FAIL. Imagine that you actually fail at being moderate. Well, that’s just like you fail at being a pseudo-hipster. You’re easy as fuck to detect. 800 dollar phone in one hand, Tim Horton’s coffee in the other, […]

It’s called Natural Selection for a reason.

I know this is going to be semi-expected when you read the title… But if you live on a fault line, expect earthquakes. Disasters happen, and crying about it doesn’t do anyone any good. If the religious nuts can be believed, we are all made with God given sense to know to stay out of […]

For Fuck’s sake poland.

Dude, if you hate everything so bad, why bitch about it? Get used to life sucking a big one, then getting on with it. Whining like a little girl with your 700 dollar Sony Xperia doesn’t do you shit lot of good, does it? No. Quit fucking bitching about snow, avatar and 2010. Each time […]

It’s like you do this shit on purpose to see how far you can push me.

Ah, is it really that time again? Do I have to take all of you naive, sheltered children by the hand and show you the actual meaning of what you’ve done…again? I figured after the first time, I’d not have to do this again. The theme for today is Personal Responsibility. Being responsible for your […]