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I could write some super long post for this…

…But this squares it RIGHT THE FUCK UP.

Congratulations Barack Obama.

An amazing campaign for an amazing win. Let’s just hope he forgets some of that gun stuff he wants to do. While I am ecstatic to see a black president, I am goddammed tired of hearing him referred as an African American. He didn’t come from Africa, he isn’t an immigrant…He’s fucking American, A black […]

Sarah Palin’s painin for vengance.

So, I got forwarded some delicious info. Sarah Palin’s email got stolen. Well I thought it was delicious… Who the fuck cares about some stupid Alaskan bimbo’s email, nor the private data that was also gained. A few phone numbers, and a yahoo email. Uh..Let’s just go ahead and kill ourselves because there’s no privacy […]