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I could write some super long post for this…

…But this squares it RIGHT THE FUCK UP.

Just because you saved 300 dollars buying a 230 dollar PC, doesn’t mean it was worth even half of what you paid.

Proof’s in the puddin’. My dad bought a Wintergreen PC last year TODAY and today, it shits the bed. I figure it’s gotta be the hard drive, since the whole system sputtered every two seconds. It’d stall, resume then lag for a second, then stall, resume and then lag. I got it parted out, and […]

Old bones to a new world.

I’ve often wondered why a man would submit himself to the slings and arrows of this world, only to turn to a woman who has little use for him save for his pocket book. In medieval times, a man’s worth was his sword’s value. Not in it’s cost, but how well it was wielded. Now […]