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Westboro Baptist Psychos.

Know how I said that I wished it was open season on religious fanatics? Oh boy do I have a prime first-target. The Westboro Baptists are fuckin’ mental. Westboro God Hates The World Music Video – Watch more Funny Videos You see this shit? These guys are fuckin’ psychotic. They say that Broadway shows and […]

Man am I good or what?

MEDIA MORONS STRIKE AGAIN! YAD STRIKES AT ANTI-WIT INSURGENTS! Details here! Ugo the Orkie Dumbass strikes again, leaving none laughing, and none insulted, but causing a large waste of bandwidth for youtube. There within lies the best insult artillery strike I’ve made in months. Felt great too. So apparently these youtube turds like me. Either […]

Waco Trib censors ME of all people.

I posted this on the Waco Trib site, about some beaners getting arrested for trafficking drugs, I know one of the three, got him fired from Arby’s because he didn’t wash his hands, sneezed on food and was generally nasty. Also had a bad attitude and didn’t want to work. To the religious lot God […]