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Now, All I need is my Carl-Gustaf, and it’ll be Bad Company for reals.

ARSENAL EXPANDED! DETAILS NOW! Now you’re wondering. Since when did he learn HTML so good? Well, I been readin’ and stuff. Anyway, today I bought me a Cetme, because I needed a rifle. And the price I got it at, I couldn’t say no. Also helped out a friend of mine who was selling it, […]

A fifty caliber Christmas.

I meant to post something after Christmas, but like the retarded drunkard twat that I am, I didn’t. The rest of the world unwrapped boxes of underwear, socks and Ps3 games, I went next door with a key. A key I had several like. It was to a gun-lock. I have one for my shotgun, […]

Man, that is a sweet stock.

Look at that. A 82.45 dollar upgrade turns a nice shotgun, into a sweet shotgun. What do you think Tyson? Even has removable slip-on recoil pads. Now all I need is some good sights. I might just leave the bead sight and just screw on a rail and a holosight. Or I might just leave […]

So my brother moved out.

Yeah, yesterday he tore out in a fit of rage, telling me what not to do. Yeah, like I listen. Anyway he flips out and then packs all of his shit today and just leaves. While basically telling us to die in a fire, and then when I do what I’m told to do again; […]