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So yeah. No posts this month…UNTIL NOW!

I’ve been rather lazy, often just because I forget about this place. Recent updates hmm… Morgan’s got me playing City of Heroes/Villans. Game’s…4/10. And to be honest, It’s not the content’s fault, nor is it the actual type of game it is; It’s the hardware I’m using. This 4600+’s been too hot too many times, […]

Militant-style resistance.

Ever have one of those days where you wake up and you just know down in the depths of your brain that the day is going to suck? Today is one of those for me. I wake up to Morgan calling me, which I’d be better off sleeping than talkin’ to him at 09:23. But […]

Magazines, ammunition and lulz.

Got the magazine based reload and ammunitions done. Feels good to finish something. A goal a day, I hope. Still desperately need some help slash morale here. We’re a two man team, and we only know half of what we’re doing. the 2d thing Mike’s got squared away…I hope. We were a three man team […]

Old bones to a new world.

I’ve often wondered why a man would submit himself to the slings and arrows of this world, only to turn to a woman who has little use for him save for his pocket book. In medieval times, a man’s worth was his sword’s value. Not in it’s cost, but how well it was wielded. Now […]