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Doom-singers and Soothsayers.

It’s like they don’t even try… So, in roughly five hours, the world is going to start ending…If you put any faith in that jaggoff Harold Camping, who’s been wrong before. Hey, give the guy a second chance…At failing. I mean fuck, his middle name is EGBERT. A name like that doesn’t succeed at anything […]

Religious hate? You bet.

So it’s that time again. Time for me to slander religious nuts. However this time, it’s more of a philosophical approach to the disproof of God, by using the texts people choose. Look at the old testament. The book of the Jews. The old testament is a book of fear, threats and crimes. Demanding the […]

The Writer of this also wrote that.

The Writer of that post also wrote this article. First off Kranford, you’re not exactly the brightest lightbulb in the house, but I guess we can attribute it to your staunch faith in a generalized lie. Christianity didn’t allow science to boom in the 1800’s, Science did. The Church didn’t fund these people, they didn’t […]

Westboro Baptist Psychos.

Know how I said that I wished it was open season on religious fanatics? Oh boy do I have a prime first-target. The Westboro Baptists are fuckin’ mental. Westboro God Hates The World Music Video – Watch more Funny Videos You see this shit? These guys are fuckin’ psychotic. They say that Broadway shows and […]

Know what else isn’t cool? You and your Religious beliefs.

First off, let’s go ahead and lay this down. Fuck Religion. Religions are for people who cannot put faith in themselves. In other words–Pussies with no strength. If you need the help of an invisible man to get out of a hole, then you deserve to be in that hole. Die there. Religion started out […]