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And this is why the UN needs to give Iraq back their missiles.

So dickhead Iraqis don’t go trying to scrape steam accounts from people who spend ALL day shooting Ragheads in ARMA2. Shitty English, Poorly coded Viruses and picking on The King. It’s like they’re asking for me to wreck them. So, he’s reported, and inspired this:

It’s called Natural Selection for a reason.

I know this is going to be semi-expected when you read the title… But if you live on a fault line, expect earthquakes. Disasters happen, and crying about it doesn’t do anyone any good. If the religious nuts can be believed, we are all made with God given sense to know to stay out of […]

For Fuck’s sake poland.

Dude, if you hate everything so bad, why bitch about it? Get used to life sucking a big one, then getting on with it. Whining like a little girl with your 700 dollar Sony Xperia doesn’t do you shit lot of good, does it? No. Quit fucking bitching about snow, avatar and 2010. Each time […]

It’s like you do this shit on purpose to see how far you can push me.

Ah, is it really that time again? Do I have to take all of you naive, sheltered children by the hand and show you the actual meaning of what you’ve done…again? I figured after the first time, I’d not have to do this again. The theme for today is Personal Responsibility. Being responsible for your […]

Macfags vs Windolts.

Alright, let’s get this clusterfuck on the road.Apple vs PC…Er wait, I mean PC vs PC. PC’s are PERSONAL COMPUTERS. Be it a Macintrash or an IBM Clone. HUUR DUUR, they’re personal computers.I wrote this up for a friend of mine, so I’mma post it here. Faggots. I better not have to go over this […]

I’m sick of helping you.

I’ve noticed recently that everyone I know wants me to do something for them. Especially when I haven’t asked anything of them! Just because I can handle my shit, doesn’t mean I want to help you with yours, so Fuck off, I’ve got work to do. I’m sick to death of just sitting at my […]

A program that can help?! YOU BET THERE IS!

…If you have debt over ten thousand dollars or more… …If you are over thirty pounds overweight… …If you’re tired of working for someone else… …If you have problems sleeping… …If you need help… Kill yourself. Seriously. There’s so many “programs” out there to help you do just about anything other than become dead–Which is […]

Yeah, you and what Libertie de Quebec?

First of all, let me introduce someone. Alex Lecours. He thinks he’s a game designer. In his dreams, maybe. In real life, he’s a fuckin’ Quebec-er with no future in anything but death. So, I’ve got a pretty sordid history with this guy, and you can get a good flavor of it here. I’m not […]

I need to make a protocol that punches people in the face.

Right, so I made a post on Icrontic about having my monitor backlights flickering to beat the devil. Come to find out it’s just florescent bulbs, acting like florescent bulbs. But you can’t convince some people that you’ve already solved the problem. Take Myrmadon. Some douchebag furry at Icrontic. Daniel Putnam’s the guy’s name. What […]

So anyway, like I was saying.

That sometimes you can see bears shit in quad shredders if you vote for Krang. Only he can prevent the assassination of a head of lettuce. Now if you’re not bat shit crazy, you don’t understand that. Fuck, I am and I ain’t got a clue what I wrote. So my buddy Tyson was at […]