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So, lemme get this straight…

In order to get the trophies I can’t get because you faggots broke it, I have to delete my save? What is this, some kind of sick joke? Why the fuck would I throw away a 100% license, that took 70 hours to get, just because you can’t do a fuckin’ thing right? Anyway, I […]


So, look very closely. I just decided to check it myself. 48 showtime road rules, 40 roads dominated. Why the FUCK do I not have this trophy? Sometimes I honestly think Criterion wants me to shoot myself. I mean, with the party pack, I came real close. This has probably been standing since the party […]

You have just earned the “FROZE EIGHT PS3’S!” Trophy!

This is the newest low. I got a takedown online in a freeburn game, and then EIGHT PS3’S LOCKED UP. EIGHT. ALL FUCKING EIGHT. Don’t get that? ALL FUCKING EIGHT PEOPLE IN THE GAME HAS LOCKED UP FUCKING PS3’S. LOCKED UP PS3’S. LOCKED THE FUCK UP. LOCKED. UP. See, Criterion…This is what happens when you […]

Well, There’s $10.48 down the lav.

So, like the complete and total tool that I am; I bought the party pack for burnout with the hopes that it would retain the burnout feel. It’s like they know what I want, and they do the exact FUCKING OPPOSITE. So not only are all of the “challenges” easier than the actual game, I […]

So, Wanna see how much worse burnout 1.6 can get?

I’m sure you fuckin’ do! Lemme tell you how this started. I’m in the last event for my elite license, in my favorite car. The Carson GT Flame. Arguably the best car to finish the game with if you can powerslide in a space almost the size of the car and dodge the walls, or […]

Finally got sick for last year.

Usually get sick once a year. Finally got myself the once a year cold…Two months past the deadline. Well now that I’m sick as all get out, I guess I’ll have more time to work on this place. Yeah, right. So one of the straights from Icrontic left me a cute message. Nothing I like […]