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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Watch out internet security! Macfag and overused blog name is on his way!

After picking my ear for about thirty minutes, I remember that I made fun of some new-age blogger guy-thing, which you can find the information for that here. Overused Blog Name that goes a little something like this. Now I have witnessed and heard alot of disciplinary tactics and techniques in my years sitting in […]

Dear “Game Designer”.

Dear Game Designer; It has come to my attention that you’re trying to make a game without doing some research. Here’s some food for thought. Your earlier comment of you not knowing, that’s right. You’re 14. You’re thinking that you can just charge in and slap down whatever the fuck you want and people will […]

Yeah, you and what Libertie de Quebec?

First of all, let me introduce someone. Alex Lecours. He thinks he’s a game designer. In his dreams, maybe. In real life, he’s a fuckin’ Quebec-er with no future in anything but death. So, I’ve got a pretty sordid history with this guy, and you can get a good flavor of it here. I’m not […]

Now they’re Friends…Jail Friends.

So, what’s up 05:39? So I added a link to the radio station I always listen to. I’ve even got the Iphone app. Anyway, enough about that. So, my insomnia’s back. I’m kinda pissed, but I get more time to exercise…My brain. I’m workin with some Netherlands guy on some webgame thing. Well, not officially, […]

Year end review.

Well, It’s been a year since I started this place. Let’s take a look at the running statistics. 63 posts, averaging one post every 5 and a half days. 4 Approved comments, 320 spam comments filtered. 612 unique hits. 0.00 in advertising. So far, I’m kickin’ ass…If I had to compete with the worst websites […]