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Monthly Archives: April 2009

So where in my orders am I to care for rodents?

MAN SAVES DOG FROM FERRET! So I go outside because I hear a cluckabunkus, and I find little Lou Dobbs here, smashing the hell out of my rottweiler terrier. No worse for wear, no wounds, no broken bones, just a bit of dog drool. He was someone’s pet, and they apparently didn’t give a shit. […]

Man am I good or what?

MEDIA MORONS STRIKE AGAIN! YAD STRIKES AT ANTI-WIT INSURGENTS! Details here! Ugo the Orkie Dumbass strikes again, leaving none laughing, and none insulted, but causing a large waste of bandwidth for youtube. There within lies the best insult artillery strike I’ve made in months. Felt great too. So apparently these youtube turds like me. Either […]

Like a buncha retarded bison, they ram the wall until it falls on them.

Retards attempt wit on youtube! So I debut into the youtube community by bashing an ultra-religious kid, with some good advice. One could say it’s constructive criticism, or one could say I’m picking on him, because he’s a retard. I like the second one a lot more than the first. I am picking on a […]

Ramjet-equipped Persian Carpet.

It’s a jet-rug. No new content, other than on youtube.


You wanna know what’s got me in a funk? I’m being sub-domain’d. Well, not me personally… And he’s got this gay name for it. Icarus. What the fuck kind of gay shit is that? Ultra gay if you ask me. Drive by post really. Dunno why he wants to be sub-domained under me. I’m too […]

Fuck Emo Kids.

Emo kids piss me off. They listen to shitty music, wear nasty clothes and whine about everything in the mall. “Waah my mom died when I was zero!” My father ran off with a hooker. A hooker. Not even a decent looking one from what I hear. What happens in your life is there to […]

Man, that is a sweet stock.

Look at that. A 82.45 dollar upgrade turns a nice shotgun, into a sweet shotgun. What do you think Tyson? Even has removable slip-on recoil pads. Now all I need is some good sights. I might just leave the bead sight and just screw on a rail and a holosight. Or I might just leave […]