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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Fuck PETA.

I’m all about fair treatment of animals. I’ll only hunt with a single shot shotgun. I’ll give the animals a chance. Like how I fight bears with my bare hands…But I ain’t this bad. I don’t kill 2000 dogs and cats. I might kill 200 dogs, because dogs suck, but damn sure not even one […]

Know what else isn’t cool? You and your Religious beliefs.

First off, let’s go ahead and lay this down. Fuck Religion. Religions are for people who cannot put faith in themselves. In other words–Pussies with no strength. If you need the help of an invisible man to get out of a hole, then you deserve to be in that hole. Die there. Religion started out […]

Know what’s not cool? Internet fads.

These “Meme”s are not the exact jist of this. What my aim is, to bring to the attention of the world the fad of meme compilations. My biggest complaint is, these youtube shitty-o’s that contain constant “ROFL” and “LOLCATz” and that bullshit. Fuck memes, then fuck the bastards that make compilation videos of them even […]

The TAXMAN Cometh!

Finnaly! I got Tyson to finish this piece. Joint Effort, First and third are mine, second and fourth are his. The TAXMAN Cometh! Raging with steroid injection site wounds and festering shoes, he kicks down the already open door! TAXMAN screams “It’s a good day to be Vegita face and extreme skateboarding down a bowl […]

Right, so lemme see if I understand you correctly.

I’m about to be banned from Icrontic, because of something I posted here. So, yeah. Talk about violation of civil liberties.. Here’s a perfect example. I don’t like Myrmidon, because he’s a furry. Is that a problem to the board? I called him a furry, when I told him I wasn’t going to flame him […]

I need to make a protocol that punches people in the face.

Right, so I made a post on Icrontic about having my monitor backlights flickering to beat the devil. Come to find out it’s just florescent bulbs, acting like florescent bulbs. But you can’t convince some people that you’ve already solved the problem. Take Myrmadon. Some douchebag furry at Icrontic. Daniel Putnam’s the guy’s name. What […]

So, lemme get this straight…

In order to get the trophies I can’t get because you faggots broke it, I have to delete my save? What is this, some kind of sick joke? Why the fuck would I throw away a 100% license, that took 70 hours to get, just because you can’t do a fuckin’ thing right? Anyway, I […]