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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Just because you saved 300 dollars buying a 230 dollar PC, doesn’t mean it was worth even half of what you paid.

Proof’s in the puddin’. My dad bought a Wintergreen PC last year TODAY and today, it shits the bed. I figure it’s gotta be the hard drive, since the whole system sputtered every two seconds. It’d stall, resume then lag for a second, then stall, resume and then lag. I got it parted out, and […]

Insert Wit Here.

So I’m sitting here at my desk, thinking about something to post and decided to just. Fuck it, you know?

Before we start.

Somebody on 7chan posted a flash video, which you can find here. I watched it. It made me hate furries even more. Know what I noticed? Their “cons” are self-serving. I didn’t really *Hate* furries before, I just dislike their faction(Using faction loosely here…) due to the arrogance they flaunt. “What Arrogance are you talking […]

Grape seed oil and other personal lubricants.

So, I’m sittin’ here on my new 1080P monitor, which is pretty cool. Problem is; My PS3 loves it a lot. How’s that a problem? I got no sound. See, even though the monitor has speakers, they’re made of dick-shitting nipples and ball sweat. I have to sit here and play MGO with no sound […]

Van Mundeguarte versus Big Daddy Small Balls.

So, I’ve been lazy and not workin’ on this place. Linked to a friend’s Internet Turd. S’over there somewhere…Fuck if I know. I got asked “What would you do with a time machine?” today. I told the person that I’d shove it up their ass, and then put an armed grenade down their pants. I […]