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Monthly Archives: November 2008

So my brother moved out.

Yeah, yesterday he tore out in a fit of rage, telling me what not to do. Yeah, like I listen. Anyway he flips out and then packs all of his shit today and just leaves. While basically telling us to die in a fire, and then when I do what I’m told to do again; […]

I ain’t got nothing new.

I’m just sitting here, watching my brother ruin his life, and attempt to take everyone down with him so I ain’t got no new content. Oh well. Sucks for you.

So I don’t care if your dad owns the store.

Okay, I was just at Arby’s and this pregnant sow that works up there, just happens to be the big dude’s daughter. I give a fuck right? She bangs everybody but whites, so I call her racist and she hates me. Good, fuck her with a Stihl Chainsaw. I give a fuck. Right well my […]

Waco Trib censors ME of all people.

I posted this on the Waco Trib site, about some beaners getting arrested for trafficking drugs, I know one of the three, got him fired from Arby’s because he didn’t wash his hands, sneezed on food and was generally nasty. Also had a bad attitude and didn’t want to work. To the religious lot God […]

Congratulations Barack Obama.

An amazing campaign for an amazing win. Let’s just hope he forgets some of that gun stuff he wants to do. While I am ecstatic to see a black president, I am goddammed tired of hearing him referred as an African American. He didn’t come from Africa, he isn’t an immigrant…He’s fucking American, A black […]

Why do I not make appointments? Because people cancel.

For fuck’s sake people. I got shit to not do. Like not sleep, work or have fun. Honestly I was just looking for a reason to bitch this morning, but I didn’t get it. I woke up at the ass-crack of dawn, only to remember “HEY FUCKO! IT’S BARELY SIX! GO BACK TO SLEEP!” So […]