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Monthly Archives: October 2008

It’s 08:46 and I’m drunk as a skunk.

A bottle and a half of gin later, I feel as old as a dinosaur. A few things happened over the past….I don’t know, 4 days that really pissed me off. Little big planet delayed due to aids–Wait, religion and censorship. Way to fail, Sony. The one thing I never thought I’d see from SONY, […]

So the phenom’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

My damaged and overcooked 4600 outperforms Morgan’s 9600 phenom in loading games. I originally thought it was my disk setup, but with all three extra removed, I still out load him. S’not my video card, the 9800GT isn’t exactly a smasher of a card, and his 3870’s overclocked. It’s gotta be my chip. I guess […]

So yeah. No posts this month…UNTIL NOW!

I’ve been rather lazy, often just because I forget about this place. Recent updates hmm… Morgan’s got me playing City of Heroes/Villans. Game’s…4/10. And to be honest, It’s not the content’s fault, nor is it the actual type of game it is; It’s the hardware I’m using. This 4600+’s been too hot too many times, […]