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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Militant-style resistance.

Ever have one of those days where you wake up and you just know down in the depths of your brain that the day is going to suck? Today is one of those for me. I wake up to Morgan calling me, which I’d be better off sleeping than talkin’ to him at 09:23. But […]

Tuboso the Melted Cat

The wind blew furiously, on Tom Cruises 2 inch wristwatch bungee cables. In the close yet distant village of Fartnark, resided a freckled frank fucking feline, Tuboso, the melted cat. Tuboso sat under his roof all day, purchasing Tuberculosis sandwiches off of Craigs List for the upcoming Presidential Election in Uruguay. Unfortunatly, when Craigs List […]

I meant to post this like a week ago… Wrathgar the Flank Steak!

FOLLOW ALONG WITH THE TALE OF WRATHGAR THE FLANK STEAK! Crackokatao! Lighting strikes in the distance as a mighty calf is born. Strong of body he walks in minutes of leaving his mother’s gaping cow vagoo. This calf, named Moo by his intelligent and loving mother. He was destined for great things! In his first […]

Sarah Palin’s painin for vengance.

So, I got forwarded some delicious info. Sarah Palin’s email got stolen. Well I thought it was delicious… Who the fuck cares about some stupid Alaskan bimbo’s email, nor the private data that was also gained. A few phone numbers, and a yahoo email. Uh..Let’s just go ahead and kill ourselves because there’s no privacy […]

So…Visual studio 2008 has some problems.

First and foremost being expensive as a son of a bitch. Secondly, Valve doesn’t recommend it. they recommend the free VCE 2005. So I got it. I just saved 400 dollars off of my development cost by switching to Fuck you Microsoft, you ain’t gettin’ a dime from me on this. Furthermore and tulip…Some lady […]

Magazines, ammunition and lulz.

Got the magazine based reload and ammunitions done. Feels good to finish something. A goal a day, I hope. Still desperately need some help slash morale here. We’re a two man team, and we only know half of what we’re doing. the 2d thing Mike’s got squared away…I hope. We were a three man team […]

Ammunition and achievements taped out.

Well not so much taped out, as in implementing them after I write this. So yeah, Visual Studio 2008 is huge, but I’m a lot less confused with it; just severely intimidated by all the code I’m going to have to go through. What’s fucked up is in some of the code, there’s notes as […]

Source. Visual Studio 2008. Video card. Processor. Tom Cruise.

So yeah, There’s the list of shit that’s fuckin’ my brain right now. In order too. Well tomorrow I take care of number three if I’m lucky. On a side note, The biggest bitch I have these days is that technology is changing but in unpredictable curves. Back in 1999, you knew what the next […]