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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Fuck Laborday…And while I’m at it, Fuck all holidays.

Tomorrow’s Monday. It should be business as normal…BUT NO! Uncle Sam fucks me again by taking one of the very few business days away from me, because some ning-nong in Boston wanted a 3 day weekend at the end of summer. Bad enough they only work eight fucking hours, he wants another 24 off? Fuck […]

Fitness fucks and bodybuilders.

“Lose some weight Omega, it’ll do you good.” BIFF! And one batman sound effect later, I’m a happier man. Don’t you just hate those vegetable eating jogger fucks that thinks he knows it better and can have it his own way? What the fuck is with these banana skinned sissies? Do I have to be […]

So..K now has a gaming division..!

As posted yesterday, Alex can suck a french cock, the french homosexual-clone. So me and some of “da boyz” are gettin’ together to make some kick-awesome games that are not laden with French-stench. I hope.

Alex, you’re fired.

Today, I had to deal with the camel that broke the straw back. Alex is stuck in the past. He takes his old abominations more serious than his current projects. So Alex, you’re fired. Take your shitty games, overbloom, bad ideas and French faggotry elsewhere.

Nexopia: Venting anger for psycopaths since…Today!

Nexopia has become where I vent my ungodly ammounts of anger onto the ususpecting canadians. Why? because they’re about as smart as Celine Dion. This link here takes you to the best thread I’ve bombed. Check it, yea?

Old bones to a new world.

I’ve often wondered why a man would submit himself to the slings and arrows of this world, only to turn to a woman who has little use for him save for his pocket book. In medieval times, a man’s worth was his sword’s value. Not in it’s cost, but how well it was wielded. Now […]

Happy days are stolen by a strange midget.

From day one I got moved into the waco suburbs, I’ve hated my life. I was taken from open spaces into war-torn places. This neighborhood is the pits. Drive by’s, drug deals done in the street, kids discharging firearms to prove that they’re REX ENUFF to their buddies, but get mowed down when they try […]

Day 3 without Andrew.

Oh like so oh my god, I miss him so much! Is what I bet he’d want to see. I bet he’d also like to see some long tirade about how he was wrong and I was right. Sure, I’m free, white and over 21 and that gives me the right to free speech, but […]

Insert Wit lives again!

Ah…To be home again. Such this is my life. So transient a thought, yet solid an action. WordPress better not let me down, even though I can’t see how it can. It’s up to me now. And I suck at this crap….So I’ll probably be whining about what it can’t do soon enough.