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Category Archives: Life; And the search for Awesome.

In a demon’s life three things exist. Honor, Loyalty and Awesome. I have plenty of the first two. Just need more of the third, yeah?

Intel i7? BSOD’s? Check this shit.

Leave it to Intel to leave a fucking memory leak in the goddammed chipset. So, over the past six months, I’ve been debugging one of the most popular issues with the Intel i7 series x58 chipset. Constantly 0x1A, MEMORY_MANAGEMENT and 0x50, PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. Turns out that the USB3 support and the X58 chipset suck fuck, but […]

Doom-singers and Soothsayers.

It’s like they don’t even try… So, in roughly five hours, the world is going to start ending…If you put any faith in that jaggoff Harold Camping, who’s been wrong before. Hey, give the guy a second chance…At failing. I mean fuck, his middle name is EGBERT. A name like that doesn’t succeed at anything […]

Hey furry, kill yourself.

Dear Furfags. (Alex Feran) From the Orks (Excerpt) I understand you plenty. I didn’t learn everything about you of CSI and MTV. I also know enough to say with full confidence that your claims of “most furries aren’t into porn” or “furries aren’t all about sex” is a steaming load. I also know enough to […]

KID KOMMANDO! Little project I’m starting because I’m running out of places to dig holes.

The word of today is; Control.

So the NRA is taking the ATF on for the ban of handguns for law-abiding 18-20 year olds. About goddammed time. The way I see the law approaching firearms is akin to a man walking around a bear. You think just because he’s close to you, he will do you harm. That bear is no […]

So the forum’s up.

NEW FORUM! THIS TIME PERMANENT! So yeah, that’s dealt with. Transplanted an RP community for several reasons. But nothing important. Fuck, I really don’t have much else to say. Click it or don’t. Who cares?

So, I got one thing to say.

That’s all I got to say. My memory’s still a bit off, but I seem to be recovering. In other news, my blood pressure is going down, and hopefully with these new meds, the anxiety and panic attacks will too. Then, there’s lunch tomorrow, which is going to be grand. I’ll get to eat little […]

Stick to the plan, stupid.

Ah, so as the picture says, I’ve got a hangover, and I’m still drinking. This isn’t half as bad as I expected. All the stories I keep hearing of hangovers make them seem like worst thing ever. I’ve had worse headaches from listening to people rattle off about shit I don’t care about, or don’t […]

Texas Heat-1; Me-0.

Fuck man, you know you got it bad when the heat kicks your ass when your indoors, under the graceful watch of an HVB fan. I did my damnedest to stay at my normal one hundred percent, but I couldn’t do it. I almost lost it around 16:00. I couldn’t ditch the nausea for nothing. […]

And this is why the UN needs to give Iraq back their missiles.

So dickhead Iraqis don’t go trying to scrape steam accounts from people who spend ALL day shooting Ragheads in ARMA2. Shitty English, Poorly coded Viruses and picking on The King. It’s like they’re asking for me to wreck them. So, he’s reported, and inspired this: