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Intel i7? BSOD’s? Check this shit.

Leave it to Intel to leave a fucking memory leak in the goddammed chipset.

So, over the past six months, I’ve been debugging one of the most popular issues with the Intel i7 series x58 chipset. Constantly 0x1A, MEMORY_MANAGEMENT and 0x50, PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. Turns out that the USB3 support and the X58 chipset suck fuck, but alone, they’re not the whole issue.

The issue stems from a user-generated hardware fault. The beginning is the memory controller being damaged. This can be from any of the following. Heat damage, memory voltage over 1.65V, or just an unlucky board. And actually starts causing issues when you use the XHCI mode for the NEC/Renesas USB 3.0 chipset, and make sure the driver’s installed. The leak may differ, depending on your actual hardware configuration, but the easiest thing to do is go into your bios, and set the fail-safe defaults, and begin turning things on, and go back to doing what you did to cause the BSOD. For me, it was playing Bad Company 2. Now, I can play for ever and ever, killing the fuck out of idiots who think they’re top dog.

The whole thing is an issue with how intel decided to make a shortcut with the memory controller. It’s two parts, as the L1 cache is too small to support a full on-die memory controller. The half-assed controller works off of an addresser on the Northbridge, and an actual crossbar on the processor. So, it’s kinda stupid.

Anyway, don’t go about blaming your memory or listening to most of the clods telling you it’s the memory. It may just be a simple short or bad setting. Don’t be afraid to tweak your bios, as long as you don’t muck with the voltages.

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