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Hey furry, kill yourself.

Dear Furfags. (Alex Feran)

From the Orks (Excerpt)
I understand you plenty. I didn’t learn everything about you of CSI and MTV. I also know enough to say with full confidence that your claims of “most furries aren’t into porn” or “furries aren’t all about sex” is a steaming load. I also know enough to see the hypocrisy you can’t, in throwing stereotypes at everyone who doesn’t like you. “You must have seen that CSI episode”? Give me a fucking brea, you pathetic waste of space. Your whiny self-pitying claims supply 100% of the daily-recommended allowance of horseshit and your outdated suppositions about your detractors is part of a complete persecution complex.

I have every right to judge you based on the group you belong to — because you actively choose to belong to it. It’s not a higher force like a religion and it’s not genetic like race. So stop trying to compare your internet-mockery to group that have had to face actual persecution and oppression because you don’t fit that fucking bill. And I’ve got plenty of reasons to make that judgement a negative one to your distinct person. I CAN use your affiliation as a sign of your stupidity. And the most prominent reason is the worst obvious; If you weren’t stupid, you wouldn’t be a fucking furry. But through all that, I’ll give you your request, because I don’t even have to judge you from your group. Not for a second.

Because if you’d broken out of your whiny fucking shell for one second, you’d have realized the thing I hate the most isn’t the porn — There are fetishes out there that disgust me more, both physically and morally. Neither is it the whole furry-convention thing you take such special care to point out is a rare occurance that gets unpopular press coverage. If that was the nerdiest thing I’d seen on the internet, I’d be LUCKY.

No, the thing I hate most about furries is people JUST LIKE YOU. Self-aggrandizing fucktards who think they’re the ones making that shit look good, instead of exactly what it is. Idiot furries claiming “you don’t understand us”, thinking no one could possibly understand you and dislike you. Impossible. So right now, I am judging you on an individual basis, and you just gave me more reason than I’d ever need to hat eyou. You don’t get it yet? I hate YOU. Your quasi-intellectual bullshit and your nauseatingly asinine persecution complex is worse to me than any private sexual fetish.

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