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The word of today is; Control.

So the NRA is taking the ATF on for the ban of handguns for law-abiding 18-20 year olds. About goddammed time.

The way I see the law approaching firearms is akin to a man walking around a bear. You think just because he’s close to you, he will do you harm. That bear is no more interested in you than he is in the sky. You don’t bother him, He doesn’t bother you. Just like firearms. Firearms sit on the coffee table, while they may look menacing to some, it’s just sitting there, like a pencil or a spoon. Doing no more harm than the oxygen you breathe. When will people realize that inanimate objects cannot hurt you? The gun may be capable of taking life, but not on it’s own. It takes a person to make that choice. A choice that can be just as easily made with a knife, hammer or car. You don’t see those being regulated like firearms do you? I dare say it’s easier to kill someone with a knife or hammer, because it’s quieter, and no one’s suspicious if you have a hammer or pocket knife in your car. Oh but let the sheeple see a gun, and you’re automatically a mass-murderer rapist child molester. I swear it’s becoming more of a social stigma to even own firearms. It’s like the government is putting something in the water to strip select people of rational thought.

Speaking of the worst thing to happen to America since the Democrats, The ATF and the government are still trying to regulate all firearms, which is a setup for removing the ability for us to defend ourselves from tyranny. The constitution was written in such a way to give the citizens control of their government. Now, instead of us having rights, we have rules. Like the “No Firearms beyond this point” sign. All that does is tell the criminal that no one will be able to defend themselves in this area, and that it’s basically a free-fire zone. I’ll be goddammed if I go into one of those without my pistol. But fortunately, no where I have to go has those. Their goal is to slowly bleed the freedom from us in lieu of security. It’s like they want us dumb and submissive so they can pass whatever they want to line their pockets with our hard earned money, and fill their glasses with our spilled blood as we fight for our freedom, what this country was founded on. Mr.Farwell is right. Be your own militia. Protect Yourself and your loved ones. The Police are there to defend those who cannot defend themselves. We can, and we shall.

I made a vow a long time ago to defend those who cannot defend themselves. I wake up in the morning and look out my window to see a fair urban sprawl, slowly being cleaned up. With the help of the citizens and the law, crime is slowly leaving the Brazos Hights. Drug dens and chop shops busted, kids carrying hand guns. All being slowly culled by observant citizens and police officers. It’s up to us to make sure our neighborhoods are safe, and it’s up to us to stop crime. We can’t always rely on the police.

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