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Stick to the plan, stupid.

Hungover? You bet. Feel great? You bet. STILL DRINKING?! YOU BET!

Ah, so as the picture says, I’ve got a hangover, and I’m still drinking. This isn’t half as bad as I expected. All the stories I keep hearing of hangovers make them seem like worst thing ever. I’ve had worse headaches from listening to people rattle off about shit I don’t care about, or don’t understand, which is more likely.

So on another note, punching air conditioners is dumb, but what’s dumber is punching a Freezer when you don’t know how to hit it and not BREAK YOUR HAND. That’d be my Brother, screwing up again. Same arm he broke as a kid too. Also, I meant to post this before, but I am retard. DBZ Abridged. Shits pretty funny. They just need to rework their playlist thing so it starts from the front, not the back. So lazy fucks like me can just turn it on, drawfag it up and enjoy. Oh well, at least it plays continuously.

Also found out that I got the wrong memory for my board, so I have to order some new stuff soon. Haven’t decided on what it’s gonna be yet though. Probably gonna pick up a few 4GB sticks after I sell a computer or something. Decent DDR3 is mentally expensive.

So that’s it. Now fuck off, I’ve got work to not do.

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