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Texas Heat-1; Me-0.

Fuck man, you know you got it bad when the heat kicks your ass when your indoors, under the graceful watch of an HVB fan. I did my damnedest to stay at my normal one hundred percent, but I couldn’t do it. I almost lost it around 16:00. I couldn’t ditch the nausea for nothing. Took all I had not to pass out in the chair. This heat is killing ME, and usually I’m able to take the heat. Today though, a measly 97 to whomp me? Something is wrong in the land of oz.

Managed to shake it off just about now, drank just on a gallon of iced tea. Oh well, tomorrow I service the A/C and turn that fucker on. I can’t hang with this heat this year, like I did last year. Whole week over 110, and one day with 120 by 14:00? Where do I sign up. Oh well, just more stuff to talk to my Doc about.

Speaking of conversations, Nick (One year break+One year break+Air Traffic Controller+Teacher+Router Train+Chairforce”) unblocked me on Skype today, blamed it on Windows Mobile 6 and Skype. I don’t use Windows Mobile, but I do utilize skype on my shitty Macfone, and I’ve had no such issues with it unblocking people. I however can say that he’s probably lonely, since all he has to talk to is Upside-down-Voltorb and Andrew Cochrane, the once resident closet-furry.

But back to my main topic, Mother nature kicked my ass. No breeze, just the dry heat and my HVB. Even fixed one of my other fans to try to stem the tide. But luckily, it’ll be 75 in the morning, and I’ll be doin’ my heavy chores then, like pulling a window unit out and cleaning it, then removing an old busted out washer. Then; I can sack out ALL day and recuperate from this. And you know what Vegita says the Official Sayian handbook says. “When a Sayian is beaten to near death, Their power level increases immensely.” But unlike Vegita, I didn’t have to go anywhere to get wrecked.

Guess that’s it then. You’ve read this, now feck off. I’ve got a sammich to eat and a bed to sleep in.

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