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Intel i7? BSOD’s? Check this shit.

Leave it to Intel to leave a fucking memory leak in the goddammed chipset.

So, over the past six months, I’ve been debugging one of the most popular issues with the Intel i7 series x58 chipset. Constantly 0x1A, MEMORY_MANAGEMENT and 0x50, PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. Turns out that the USB3 support and the X58 chipset suck fuck, but alone, they’re not the whole issue.

The issue stems from a user-generated hardware fault. The beginning is the memory controller being damaged. This can be from any of the following. Heat damage, memory voltage over 1.65V, or just an unlucky board. And actually starts causing issues when you use the XHCI mode for the NEC/Renesas USB 3.0 chipset, and make sure the driver’s installed. The leak may differ, depending on your actual hardware configuration, but the easiest thing to do is go into your bios, and set the fail-safe defaults, and begin turning things on, and go back to doing what you did to cause the BSOD. For me, it was playing Bad Company 2. Now, I can play for ever and ever, killing the fuck out of idiots who think they’re top dog.

The whole thing is an issue with how intel decided to make a shortcut with the memory controller. It’s two parts, as the L1 cache is too small to support a full on-die memory controller. The half-assed controller works off of an addresser on the Northbridge, and an actual crossbar on the processor. So, it’s kinda stupid.

Anyway, don’t go about blaming your memory or listening to most of the clods telling you it’s the memory. It may just be a simple short or bad setting. Don’t be afraid to tweak your bios, as long as you don’t muck with the voltages.

Doom-singers and Soothsayers.

It’s like they don’t even try…

So, in roughly five hours, the world is going to start ending…If you put any faith in that jaggoff Harold Camping, who’s been wrong before. Hey, give the guy a second chance…At failing. I mean fuck, his middle name is EGBERT. A name like that doesn’t succeed at anything other than being made fun of, and fucking up. Hell, I bet all this doomsday shit is because he got razzed in school for being called Egghead Camper, and for his parents giving him such a shitty name. Well, the good thing about the latter, is that they’re dead. They don’t have to see the gross level of supreme fuckup their son has become.

Speaking of this tacky blaggard’s family, I’m wondering what his children think. “Oh the world’s gonna end in a few hours!” No it’s not, dad. Now shut up before we put your stupid ass in a home. Hell, even his grandchildren aught to think this guy’s a right nutter. “The world’s gonna end kids!” Fuck you, grandpa. We know that’s right shit.

But let’s look more into the actual claim. That at 0200 Zulu, the earth will erupt in a massive earthquake in Asia. So, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines…You know, with a little research one can find out how often an earthquake happens in that area… And it comes out to roughly 1100 (Going off of a 2010 seismic map, very low resolution) 5.0 earthquakes a YEAR in Asia alone. And as of 00:06 UTC, Today, there were six earthquakes, all but one greater than 5.0, Yesterday, there were 11 earthquakes, all but three were less than 5.0. On an odds poor day, there’s about 30 earthquakes in the entire Asian continent a day, and in Japan alone, there have been 8 earthquakes in 24 hours. So, at 0200 Zulu, which is in four hours, according to this d-bag, there’s going to be a huge earthquake SOMEWHERE in ASIA…There was a comparably large one at 13:08 UTC clocking in at 5.3 at 45.1kM. That means, the grass waggled about a bit, and someone who was drunker than all get out fell down, and maybe a picture fell over.

So, given the odds, this guy would hit the mark with one out of eight days, Hmm.

Then, the chosen will be saved by Jesus. You know…I have a trick to prove to myself that Jesus isn’t real. Since the bible says that he appeared before hundreds to prove his rebirth (1 Corinthians 15:3-8), and that if a few dudes get together and pray for something (Matthew 18:19-20), Shazzam. It’s supposed to happen. Well motherfucker, I don’t have a ten inch cock and a golden toilet.

Jesus ain’t real. Figure that.

Then, the whole world will suffer and die until it is eventually consumed by a fireball, presumably from space, because ain’t no one over the age of ten that doesn’t know how to put out a fire. Well, let’s look at what fire is. Fire is a chemical reaction between carbon or hydrocarbons and oxygen. If you ain’t got ONE, you’re FUCKED. Guess what space ain’t got? Oxygen. Whoa…That just blows my mind…

So no space-fire.

So we move on to the last part. The whole people suffering until it all ends 21/10. People have been suffering since the beginning of our existence, and suffering and pain have existed far before that. So what kind of super-genius are you to predict more of it? That’s like saying “Yeah, tonight, it’s going to be dark.” Well no shit. But unlike George Carlin, you ain’t funny.

Bet you already made a pass, I see a darkened room somewhere. You run your finger ’round the rim of his glass, and then you run your fingers through his hair. They scratch across his back, fade to black.

Maybe all this bullshit will end.

Hey furry, kill yourself.

Dear Furfags. (Alex Feran)

From the Orks (Excerpt)
I understand you plenty. I didn’t learn everything about you of CSI and MTV. I also know enough to say with full confidence that your claims of “most furries aren’t into porn” or “furries aren’t all about sex” is a steaming load. I also know enough to see the hypocrisy you can’t, in throwing stereotypes at everyone who doesn’t like you. “You must have seen that CSI episode”? Give me a fucking brea, you pathetic waste of space. Your whiny self-pitying claims supply 100% of the daily-recommended allowance of horseshit and your outdated suppositions about your detractors is part of a complete persecution complex.

I have every right to judge you based on the group you belong to — because you actively choose to belong to it. It’s not a higher force like a religion and it’s not genetic like race. So stop trying to compare your internet-mockery to group that have had to face actual persecution and oppression because you don’t fit that fucking bill. And I’ve got plenty of reasons to make that judgement a negative one to your distinct person. I CAN use your affiliation as a sign of your stupidity. And the most prominent reason is the worst obvious; If you weren’t stupid, you wouldn’t be a fucking furry. But through all that, I’ll give you your request, because I don’t even have to judge you from your group. Not for a second.

Because if you’d broken out of your whiny fucking shell for one second, you’d have realized the thing I hate the most isn’t the porn — There are fetishes out there that disgust me more, both physically and morally. Neither is it the whole furry-convention thing you take such special care to point out is a rare occurance that gets unpopular press coverage. If that was the nerdiest thing I’d seen on the internet, I’d be LUCKY.

No, the thing I hate most about furries is people JUST LIKE YOU. Self-aggrandizing fucktards who think they’re the ones making that shit look good, instead of exactly what it is. Idiot furries claiming “you don’t understand us”, thinking no one could possibly understand you and dislike you. Impossible. So right now, I am judging you on an individual basis, and you just gave me more reason than I’d ever need to hat eyou. You don’t get it yet? I hate YOU. Your quasi-intellectual bullshit and your nauseatingly asinine persecution complex is worse to me than any private sexual fetish.


Little project I’m starting because I’m running out of places to dig holes.

The word of today is; Control.

So the NRA is taking the ATF on for the ban of handguns for law-abiding 18-20 year olds. About goddammed time.

The way I see the law approaching firearms is akin to a man walking around a bear. You think just because he’s close to you, he will do you harm. That bear is no more interested in you than he is in the sky. You don’t bother him, He doesn’t bother you. Just like firearms. Firearms sit on the coffee table, while they may look menacing to some, it’s just sitting there, like a pencil or a spoon. Doing no more harm than the oxygen you breathe. When will people realize that inanimate objects cannot hurt you? The gun may be capable of taking life, but not on it’s own. It takes a person to make that choice. A choice that can be just as easily made with a knife, hammer or car. You don’t see those being regulated like firearms do you? I dare say it’s easier to kill someone with a knife or hammer, because it’s quieter, and no one’s suspicious if you have a hammer or pocket knife in your car. Oh but let the sheeple see a gun, and you’re automatically a mass-murderer rapist child molester. I swear it’s becoming more of a social stigma to even own firearms. It’s like the government is putting something in the water to strip select people of rational thought.

Speaking of the worst thing to happen to America since the Democrats, The ATF and the government are still trying to regulate all firearms, which is a setup for removing the ability for us to defend ourselves from tyranny. The constitution was written in such a way to give the citizens control of their government. Now, instead of us having rights, we have rules. Like the “No Firearms beyond this point” sign. All that does is tell the criminal that no one will be able to defend themselves in this area, and that it’s basically a free-fire zone. I’ll be goddammed if I go into one of those without my pistol. But fortunately, no where I have to go has those. Their goal is to slowly bleed the freedom from us in lieu of security. It’s like they want us dumb and submissive so they can pass whatever they want to line their pockets with our hard earned money, and fill their glasses with our spilled blood as we fight for our freedom, what this country was founded on. Mr.Farwell is right. Be your own militia. Protect Yourself and your loved ones. The Police are there to defend those who cannot defend themselves. We can, and we shall.

I made a vow a long time ago to defend those who cannot defend themselves. I wake up in the morning and look out my window to see a fair urban sprawl, slowly being cleaned up. With the help of the citizens and the law, crime is slowly leaving the Brazos Hights. Drug dens and chop shops busted, kids carrying hand guns. All being slowly culled by observant citizens and police officers. It’s up to us to make sure our neighborhoods are safe, and it’s up to us to stop crime. We can’t always rely on the police.

So the forum’s up.


So yeah, that’s dealt with. Transplanted an RP community for several reasons. But nothing important. Fuck, I really don’t have much else to say. Click it or don’t. Who cares?

So, I got one thing to say.

That’s all I got to say. My memory’s still a bit off, but I seem to be recovering. In other news, my blood pressure is going down, and hopefully with these new meds, the anxiety and panic attacks will too.

Then, there’s lunch tomorrow, which is going to be grand. I’ll get to eat little bitty squids and embarrass my folks. One of my favorite past times. And then, I’ll be picking up something I’ve been meaning to grab for awhile. More bullets.

THEN, hopefully, 1080p shooting can begin.

Stick to the plan, stupid.

Hungover? You bet. Feel great? You bet. STILL DRINKING?! YOU BET!

Ah, so as the picture says, I’ve got a hangover, and I’m still drinking. This isn’t half as bad as I expected. All the stories I keep hearing of hangovers make them seem like worst thing ever. I’ve had worse headaches from listening to people rattle off about shit I don’t care about, or don’t understand, which is more likely.

So on another note, punching air conditioners is dumb, but what’s dumber is punching a Freezer when you don’t know how to hit it and not BREAK YOUR HAND. That’d be my Brother, screwing up again. Same arm he broke as a kid too. Also, I meant to post this before, but I am retard. DBZ Abridged. Shits pretty funny. They just need to rework their playlist thing so it starts from the front, not the back. So lazy fucks like me can just turn it on, drawfag it up and enjoy. Oh well, at least it plays continuously.

Also found out that I got the wrong memory for my board, so I have to order some new stuff soon. Haven’t decided on what it’s gonna be yet though. Probably gonna pick up a few 4GB sticks after I sell a computer or something. Decent DDR3 is mentally expensive.

So that’s it. Now fuck off, I’ve got work to not do.

Texas Heat-1; Me-0.

Fuck man, you know you got it bad when the heat kicks your ass when your indoors, under the graceful watch of an HVB fan. I did my damnedest to stay at my normal one hundred percent, but I couldn’t do it. I almost lost it around 16:00. I couldn’t ditch the nausea for nothing. Took all I had not to pass out in the chair. This heat is killing ME, and usually I’m able to take the heat. Today though, a measly 97 to whomp me? Something is wrong in the land of oz.

Managed to shake it off just about now, drank just on a gallon of iced tea. Oh well, tomorrow I service the A/C and turn that fucker on. I can’t hang with this heat this year, like I did last year. Whole week over 110, and one day with 120 by 14:00? Where do I sign up. Oh well, just more stuff to talk to my Doc about.

Speaking of conversations, Nick (One year break+One year break+Air Traffic Controller+Teacher+Router Train+Chairforce”) unblocked me on Skype today, blamed it on Windows Mobile 6 and Skype. I don’t use Windows Mobile, but I do utilize skype on my shitty Macfone, and I’ve had no such issues with it unblocking people. I however can say that he’s probably lonely, since all he has to talk to is Upside-down-Voltorb and Andrew Cochrane, the once resident closet-furry.

But back to my main topic, Mother nature kicked my ass. No breeze, just the dry heat and my HVB. Even fixed one of my other fans to try to stem the tide. But luckily, it’ll be 75 in the morning, and I’ll be doin’ my heavy chores then, like pulling a window unit out and cleaning it, then removing an old busted out washer. Then; I can sack out ALL day and recuperate from this. And you know what Vegita says the Official Sayian handbook says. “When a Sayian is beaten to near death, Their power level increases immensely.” But unlike Vegita, I didn’t have to go anywhere to get wrecked.

Guess that’s it then. You’ve read this, now feck off. I’ve got a sammich to eat and a bed to sleep in.

And this is why the UN needs to give Iraq back their missiles.

So dickhead Iraqis don’t go trying to scrape steam accounts from people who spend ALL day shooting Ragheads in ARMA2. Shitty English, Poorly coded Viruses and picking on The King. It’s like they’re asking for me to wreck them.

So, he’s reported, and inspired this: